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The Bloodstone series

Living as the Alpha's daughter had its perks yet walking in her brother's shadow was what she despised.


Izabella Steele is living in a man's world where the mere thought of an Alpha female is absurd. She is ready to leave the pack for good yet is forced to return when a new Alpha arises. There's only one problem - he's a rogue.


A rogue with secrets that begin to haunt her.


Some suspect he's a monster, his humanity lost in the depths of his wolf consciousness whilst others believe he's a demon. Her attraction to him becomes complicated, as she remembers life without him and his barbaric ways but then her life tilts on its axis when her birth-pack is attacked by unsuspecting hunters.


What happens when there's a sudden shift in the pack and a new leader is demanded for The Midnight Moon?


Will she take up for the role or allow ruling men rob her birthright as Alpha?


For the past seventeen years, Basil has lived a life of solitude with only survival on his mind.

Ever since he was young, he's been told to continue the bloodline, to carry on the packs’ ways as they believed the Moon has called so. This is questioned through The Nobles invitation and through her...

Never in his life did he believe in soul-mates and with the slightest feelings of bliss with her, he's determined to keep her that is until the ghosts of his past plan to take one thing he finds precious about his Moon. 

Her humanity.

The road to redemption isn't easy. With pain, loss and the unrest of his ancestors, Basil is forced to choose between his family legacy or his mate.


Book 3

Coming Soon

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