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Le Corbeau series


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With her father's death having a lingering effect on her, McKenna's has lived a troubled life. Diagnosed with a disorder, she doesn't allow herself to get too close to people for fear they wouldn't understand. She has a secret she's afraid to share; she can see the ghost of her father. She planned to continue on in life on a straight path yet, with family issues, she took a little detour... she met him.


Bruce Atlas is the embodiment of sin. Spending months in prison hasn't changed the darkness that follows him. When his eyes landed in McKenna, the girl he once knew as a woman, he saw a reflection of himself. His desire for her was hard to contain and with his associations with her sister, it makes things complicated... dangerous even.


But McKenna's past transgressions catch up with her, forcing her to decide whether to leave or stay. If she fails to make the right choice, other people's lives will be at risk.


After three years of guilt and shame, Bruce didn't expect to hear of McKenna again until an anonymous text mentioned one thing about her.


She's in danger.


Tracking the message, he's brought to New Orleans where he finds her but there's one problem - she doesn't remember him. Struggling to help her remember, he's faced with the morbid mysteries that lead to one location in the city. Where tales of the dead haunts everyone's waking thought.




With deaths rising, secrets unveiled and the undeniable attraction sizzling between them, McKenna is faced with two choices: to may never regain her memories or to be crippled by the secrets her mind keeps locked away.


As they would say, some things are best kept in the dark.


Coming soon on Inkitt!
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