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The Weekends Duet

High school leaves nothing but bitter memories, ones that turn into insecurities, For Vanessa Anne Davies, that is the case.


Unsure of what the future holds, her aunt asks for a favour which directs her along the path of Don Reyes. Sexy, beautiful...dangerous.


He's everything she needed until one accident causes a ripple effect to those around them. Secrets have surfaced.


Lies are uncovered. Bonds have been broken.


And Little Bambi has been led astray along an irredeemable path..


The Angel's Demons MC is in turmoil. With the secrets unveiled after Marcus' death, Don is forced to face the truth, face a life he never expected, forced to be wary of those around him.

Vanessa's sudden arrival didn't help the situations as emotions buried a couple years ago build to the surface. Things changed, Vanessa changed and she isn't the little Bambi Don once knew. They meet again as strangers. Don is hardened by the truth of his true identity whereas Vanessa is hardened by life... by him.

Tension builds between them and it was only a matter of time before their hatred blurs into lust. Vanessa's only focus was to not fall for his game, not fall for him in general but that is all disrupted when the MC's problems trickle into her life. 

Vanessa has no choice but trust the devil she knows and be caught in his irredeemable sins, caught in his dirty weekends.  

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