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Chocolate Sins


Scarlett O'Neil has a secret, an identity she hides in the depths of her consciousness. It has links to the past she managed to escape but changed her whole in order to be safe. She knew they'd come after her but it was only a matter of when. As an interior designer, she was assigned to work on a new club for her mysterious client whom she has never seen but she only has a name - Christopher Russo.


He knew her long before her new career, watching her from the shadows, biding time before he entered her life. But there was a problem, he had ties to her past and when she learned of his unforgiving secrets, their relationship was placed on shaky grounds.


Scarlett tries to avoid him but it's too late. A message came on her doorstep, a death note. No one is ever lucky enough to escape death and she may be forced to give up Christopher before her heart could truly do so.


She only has two choices:


Life or death.

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